robotics car kit assembly


In the previous article we saw what components the 2WD Robotic Car consists of, now in this article and video we look at how to assemble the motors and wheels on this kit.



Step 1

Chassis with protective coating. Please not the protective coating should be removed before assembly.


robot car chassis


Step 2

Fit the encoding wheel.


motor with encoder wheel


Step 3

Mount the motors, one on each side of the chassis with the encoder wheel facing towards the center of the chassis.


motor mounted



motor mounted side

Step 4

Mount the front wheel using 4 and screws.


robot front wheel


Completed robotic Chassis with wheels and motors mounted and the protective coating removed from the acrylic plastic chassis.


completed robotic car


Where to from here ?

The last step is to add your controlling electronics board to the robot to control it. Useful boards include Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller boards.
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