Check out our our Microcontoller and Arduino Projects below:



Weather Station Projects

transmitter case





Build an Ultimate Wireless Weather Station with Weather Proof Enclosure


rain gauge sensor used for digital rain gauge





Setup a Rain Gauge for your Weather Station


lcd and weather station sensors





How to make a Simple Weather Station



Wireless Projects





Make your projects wireless with the nRF24L01





Build an nRF24L01 wireless adapter

LCD Projects

lcd connected to arduino uno board





How to interface a 16×2 LCD display to a microcontroller



LED Projects

breadboard with multiple leds and drivers






Build an LED sequencer


Sensor Projects

LCD Temp and humidity display





Build an LCD digital thermometer


bmp180 air pressure sensor





How to measure Air Pressure with the BMP180 chip


dht11 connected to arduio






How to measure temperature and humidity with a DHT11 sensor


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