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Learning Microcontroller Electronics in 2017

Hello and welcome to the Smart Microcontroller Website ! A website dedicated to the maker, electronics hobbyist, educator and professional engineer.

I launched the Smart Microcontroller Channel on Youtube and the website in late 2016 to help people learn about microcontroller electronics. My goal is to make microcontroller electronics easy to learn.

In electronics there can be many ways to do one task, while some are better than others it depends what you are trying to achieve. Is it simplicity or efficiency?

Here we try to make things as simple as possible so you can to get results fast and by doing this encourages you to learn more. So I’d like to show you some of the easier ways to get started in microcontroller electronics and as you begin to understand the concepts, you can try other ways of creating your projects.

Looking at the statistics of the Smart Microcontroller Channel, the most popular video thus far has been the LED Sequential Control with microcontroller using Arduino, followed by the simple weather station that measures air pressure, temperature and humidity – and it’s popularity is gaining ground.

In 2017 we will be adding many more videos and blog posts to the mix as we look further in to the exciting world of microcontroller electronics.

I look forward to creating more videos in 2017 to help you learn more about this exciting field.

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to read this post, I really appreciate it !

Before you move on, I would love for you to suggest some topics you would like to see covered on the website this year by leaving a comment in the comments section in the youtube channel, or send us a message through one of the social media links on the about page.