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Arduino Board Types – Comparison Chart

The Question often comes up – What Arduino board should I use ? This Question should actually be reworded to – What Arduino board best suits my project ? Because the type of project you are building will ultimately determine the microcontroller board you require. We’ll look at a few options now…


Video Compares the Uno and Nano Boards

Arduino Board Comparison Chart


The Arduino board comparison chart should help us decide what board to choose.

arduino board comparison chart


Based on the three board types in the chart above we can list 3 possible situations where each board could be used.


Small Benchtop Prototyping Project

The Arduino Uno or compatible board suits small prototyping projects that only requires a few IO lines or maybe some analog inputs. The Uno board has 14 I/O’s, built in sockets for easy plugging of wires and is also credit card sized.


Small Compact Projects

The Arduino Nano or compatible board suits small compact projects as the board is about the size of a match box, has the same processor as the Uno but has more IO pins that the Uno board, 22 instead of 14 IO pins. Instead of having IO sockets like the UNO, it has pins that allows it to be plugged into a prototyping board.


Large Projects

The Arduino Mega or compatible is much larger than the Uno board but has many more IO pins which is great for large projects that connect to lots of peripheral electronics. It also uses a different microcontroller chip that has more memory, 128KB of flash memory compared to 32KB in the Uno and Nano. On the downside, it is more costly that the other two boards.


Arduino Board Types – Comparison Chart | Summary

So when choosing what Arduino or compatible board to use, we need to take into account what project we want to build, then choose the most suitable board for that project based on the project’s and board’s specifications.

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