nrf24l01 wireless modules with external antenna

5 Reasons to Use 2.4GHz Wireless for Your Projects

Today we ask the question:

Why would you use 2.4GHz wireless modules in your projects ?


There are many reasons and advantages why you would choose this frequency over others. When considering if 2.4Gz wireless is suitable for your projects, some of the considerations you would look at include, cost, ease of use, availability, range and bandwidth.

One of the most common wireless modules around today is the nRF24L01. It is not only cheap, but relatively easy to use and can be used for short or long range communications.


5 Reasons to Use 2.4GHz Wireless

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Factors to Consider When Choosing 2.4GHz Wireless Modules


  • Cost
  • Easy of Use
  • Operating Frequency
  • Range

Cost of the nRF24L01 2.4GHz Wireless Modules

The nRF24L01 wireless module is one of the cheapest on the market going for as little as $1US a piece or less.  And if you are looking for a bit extra range there are versions of this module that come with an external antenna for under $2 US. It is just amazing how cheap these things are. Of course remembering you will need a minimum of two modules for a wireless link.


nRF24L01 is Easy to Use

Ease of use is another major factor that makes these modules the one to use. You can set the modules up directly a with a microcontroller using the SPI (serial peripheral  interface) protocol or use a library such as the RF24 when using an Arduino board. The RF24 library greatly simplifies communications by hiding some of the SPI setup code from the user so you can just focus on getting your project working.


Why use the 2.4GHz Band ?

The third factor is the operating frequency. Being such a high frequency in itself gives the advantages of being able to use higher bit rates than lower frequencies. The nRF24L01 allows a bit rate of up to 2 Mbps which is fast enough to allow not only large amounts of data throughput but also images are now possible to be sent.


How far is nRF24L01 Range ?

Lastly, when looking at distance of transmission or range, these modules using the right setup can transmit over several kilometres. While 2.4GHz is technically not a microwave, it’s wave length is pretty close. Frequencies over 3GHz are classified as a microwaves. Being such a small wavelength allows very high gain antennas to be used such as parabolic dish antennas. This then makes it possible to transmit distances over kilometers – even 10’s of Kilometers in ideal conditions with their limited RF power. Another point to remember is 2.4GHz signals require line of sight so any trees or buildings in the way will block a signal.


Why would you use 2.4GHz wireless modules in your projects | Summary

When considering if 2.4GHz is suitable for your wireless electronics projects we look at factors like cost, ease of use, availability, range and bandwidth to help us decide if 2.4GHz modules like the nRF24L01 are suitable for our wireless communications needs. I hope this simple review has helped inform you about using 2.4GHz wireless modules in your projects such as the nRF24L01.

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Now I want to turn it over to you, what do you think about using 2.4GHz wireless modules in your projects or maybe you have a question about using 2.4GHz wirless modules ? Either way leave a quick comment on one of my social media profiles at the top of the page.